About Us

Mothers Who

Is the idea of Jess Soothill.

Jess was a full-time blogger of www.mummyofboygirltwins.com whilst she was a Stay At Home Mum to twins and loved it. Blogging about daily life and her lifestyle.

She is now back in the workplace, working part-time as a Head of HR in Telecoms. There’s never a dull moment.

Jess loves sunshine, frothy coffee, high street style, dry humour – and a motivational quote.

Our Story

This is a blog where’s there no judging.

Everyone has an opinion on how to be the perfect parent (ain’t that the truth) but actually, in all honesty, all we want is the best for our kids. You won’t get much advice here on parenting, but you might laugh along and nod a bit too.

We’re also hugely passionate about supporting Mothers who have careers (no matter what that career looks like). We’re all trying our best to juggle and balance it all and make it work for us.

Hopefully you will relate. A lot.

thanks for reading…