The Working-Mum diaries: HR, hiring a cleaner, and no time for Instagram

I thought I’d start easing myself into the process of writing again with a little update; a ‘life lately’ kind of post, if you will. What better way to write 600+ words, (and get back into the flow of writing), than by talking about yourself.

During the last 5 months my life has changed completely (although, as you can see from that sentence, I still write like a total drama queen). But, in my defence, it really has. Because I’m no longer a SAHM come freelance Blogger & Influencer. I’m now a Head of HR in Telecoms.

I work in an office, the twins go to childcare, I hardly post to Instagram, I spend an obscene amount of time in my car, I’ve hired a cleaner, my organisational skills are the stuff of dreams, I get paid every month without fail, and I absolutely LIVE for Fridays.

There are quite a few reasons why I changed lane so drastically. These include: the right offer came along, I wanted to see if I could still do it (aka HR), I was lonely working at home all week, I missed office life, I craved a more fulfilling career, I wanted to earn my own regular income, I got despondent with how commercial blogging & influencing had become, I lost my way with my life a little, I needed a change, and I wanted to go back into the business world to learn new skills.

Did I overthink the decision on whether or not to leap from one thing to another? Of course I did. I did my usual interrogation of all my family and friends (in the hope someone would tell me exactly what to do) and wrote out a pros and cons list. But, as with a lot of my life so far, I trusted my gut instinct and went with it.

Working in an office again has certainly fulfilled the ‘being with other people’ aspect that I so desperately missed. Especially in HR. FYI, there’s never a dull moment! I talk to people ALL day; there’s a lot of meetings, calls, 121’s and catch ups. People-wise, my cup definitely runneth over. I am a social bunny though; writing words all day and being 100% online just wasn’t enough satisfaction for me. I like to look into people’s eyes; watch them talk back to me. Take in what they say. Feel their emotions.

Nowadays I’m on social media hardly ever. I still check into Instagram most evenings, but posting every day has become a chore – plus, who wants to see pictures of my kids moaning at me for not wanting to get dressed, or stories of me sitting at my keyboard with my morning brew? So I don’t bother. And, do you know what, I literally give zero fucks about it. It’s become pleasurable to pop on when I can, catch up with women I love, and there’s no pressure to post things that I know will get me 3,000 likes (just to clarify, I’ve never had 3,000 likes). It’s gone back to feeling like a social community for me again.

On the downside, fitness is now a huge fucking challenge to fit into my life. Whereas before, pre-HR, I’d do the school run in my gym gear, saunter back home, perhaps go for a run at 9.30am or get some yoga in around 1.30pm. I owned my own schedule – I could do whatever the hell I liked. Now? Let’s just say I squeeze it in when I can. I’m making a big, huge effort to do it. It’s always on my mind.

The twins are fine. They’re both happy and I’m proud. It was a big shock at first for them when I started work – and of course they like to make me feel UBER guilty about early mornings and late pick ups. Some days I feel like I am winning at life, some days I’m so tired they have toast and crisps for dinner. But, I had times where I also felt guilty as a SAHM too. No matter what our life choices are the grass is greener feeling will often be there; it’s whether or not you let it consume you. I guess I’m now of the opinion that you just have to go for something and make it work as best as you possibly can. And I truly am.

So that’s me. I’ve basically got a clean house, and I can buy myself fancy new clothes, but my pace per mile is embarrassing. Hope you’re doing well, and thanks for stopping by.

Until next time.

p.s. That’s 772 words about myself for this post, if you’re counting.

Jess Soothill
Jess Soothill

Jess is a Mum of boy & girl twins and a Head of HR in Telecoms.
Jess likes coffee, sunshine and a good quote.


  1. Charlotte
    July 15, 2019 / 10:58 pm

    You should be super proud of changing things up and bet the twins are too in their own kiddy way. It’s never easy having a big life change but sounds like you’ve got it just right. I’m with you on the exercise front, it’s so hard fitting it in.
    Last year I went from working from home to working in an office and the first few months were awful. I was always the mum running in to the playground late, forgetting things and missing out on things at school. But then I found my way and now feel I’ve got the balance right. Also, Like you I much prefer being in an office with real people to talk to. Not sure my colleagues could shut me up for quite some time 😂 xx

  2. Ellie
    July 16, 2019 / 8:49 pm

    This came at exactly the right time Jess! I have an interview tomorrow after 5 years as a SAHM. I agree about finding a way to make it work and of course we always will find a way. I’ve been struggling with the guilt and I haven’t even got to the interview..! Love the fashion posts though, they’ve been quite helpful in giving me ideas especially for potential work wear! Thank you again for being so honest and for making this Mama feel a little brighter xx

  3. August 27, 2019 / 2:34 pm

    Love your honesty in this post! I don’t think reducing the amount of time spent on social media is ever going to be bad thing. I’ve just started maternity leave for the second time and it’s definitely an adjustment going from four days in the office with other adults to chat with so I get why being a SAHM could not continue for you.

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