The Working-Mum Diaries: Getting Ready For Back To School

We’re mid-way through the summer holidays and I can’t begin to tell you what day it is anymore. Routine has well and truly left the building. I have no idea what I’m doing this time tomorrow.

Flitting between work and Mum-life is proving tricky and a real mental challenge; one day I’m at a farm park with the kids feeding baby pigs, and the next I’m in the boardroom advising managers on complex work matters. My brain feels tired and strained from the constant switching from one mode to another, as well as the constant planning with my husband as to who will be where for the week ahead.

The twins seem oblivious though, thankfully, and it’s great that they’ve well and truly settled into a slower pace of life and are both enjoying lazy days and spending quality, fun time with us. It’s thoroughly deserved for them both after a very busy academic year.

I have, however, started thinking and turning my attention towards back-to-school in early September. I’ve had to, seeing as August seems intent on disappearing in the blink of an eye. A trip to Smiggle to buy some lunch boxes and water bottles almost bankrupt me (!), and I’ve started receiving copious parcels from Next stuffed full with new uniform. Whilst I feel terribly sad (and guilty) at even daring to allow myself to think about the end of the summer and the new school term ahead, (I often find the change in seasons difficult to adapt to) I do also want to be as ready as I can and not leave it all to the last minute.

Last year I found the summer holidays a real mixture of emotions. Whilst it was LOVELY not rushing anyone out of the door every morning, and not having any stress about childcare, I was quite exhausted (and majorly frazzled) by now as the main source of entertainment for the twins as a SAHM. By mid holidays, I was already fed up, a bit shouty, the house was a tip, I was drinking more wine, I longed to see my husband every night, and we’d already scribbled out all the activities we’d planned to do for the holidays. This year – as a working Mum – the days I have off with them feel more precious because they’re fewer and far between…I’m now even wondering if we will fit in the days out I have promised them (still not seen Toy Story 4 or been to the Safari Park yet).

So, even though I am getting organised and ready for their first day back to school, (aka not wanting to be that person who hasn’t got the PE kit ready in time), I am hoping that the end of the summer holidays don’t fly past too quickly and that my two little people throughly enjoy the last stretch of their much needed R&R.

Jess Soothill
Jess Soothill

Jess is a Mum of boy & girl twins and a Head of HR in Telecoms.
Jess likes coffee, sunshine and a good quote.

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